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🌱Cannabis Breeding with Brent Barnes of Claybourne Co. (Canna Cribs Podcast E13)


Cannabis Breeding with Brent Barnes of Claybourne Co. (Canna Cribs Podcast)

Welcome back! In this episode of the Canna Cribs Podcast Nick talks with Brett Barnes of Claybourne to learn about his passion for cannabis and the challenges of running a successful cannabis operation.

Born and raised in Southern California, Claybourne Co. creates products and strains with the people in mind. They believe in transparency, and feature the terpene and cannabinoid profiles on the majority of our products. Discover our wide selection of Premium Big and Small Buds, Flower & Kief, and their newest line of Infused Pre-Rolls.

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Table of Contents:
00:00 Opening with Nick Morin
03:30 First Steps
05:30 Breeding at Plant 21
08:00 Transitioning to Cannabis
11:00 New Role and New Challenges
19:00 Assumptions about Cultivars
24:22 Giving the Market What it Wants
32:40 Exciting Discoveries in Cannabis Breeding
37:00 Genetic Terminology Breakdown
47:55 Cannabis Breeding Renaissance
57:08 Popular Claybourne Cultivars
01:02:35 Planned Claybourne Expansion
01:09:53 Infused Drinks and Safety
01:20:00 Closing with ILUMINAR
What’s in the interview?
-Thanks for being here! Can you introduce yourself for our audience?
-How did you get enter the cannabis space? What was that journey like?
-1st experience
-Attitude toward the plant?
-You’re the VP of Genetics and Cultivation at Claybourne – what’s your day to day like in that role?
-How does it differ from your role as Director of Plant Breeding at Plant21?
-You love plants – I know this – can you tell me more about some of the other plants you’ve grown and bred?
-How is breeding/growing cannabis different? How is it the same?
-I’d like to talk more about the work you’re doing currently.
-What’s your growing philosophy if you have such a thing?
-Do you consider yourself a breeder or a grower – and is there that much of a difference at your level?
-What are some exciting results of your breeding efforts?
-How much pheno hunting do you do?
-What are you looking for in new cultivars?
-Are you driven by your interests or market demand?
-Do you work with outside breeders or are you doing everything in house?
-A lot of people call themselves breeders these days – what separates the pros from the amateurs in your opinion?
-What are your most popular Claybourne products?
-Have any favorites?
-Your website has an application for dispensaries to sell Claybourne products – what do you look for in a vendor?
-Any thoughts on the future of the cannabis space?
-Competition as markets open up
-Federal legalization – how far off?
-What are the fastest growing sectors in the cannabis space?
-Does Claybourne have any projects in the works you care to talk about?
-New Strains?
-New Products?
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