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This Biotech Penny Stock is Building Out Infrastructure | Pharmagreen (OTC: PHBI) Penny Stocks 2022


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The Future of Planting is Tissue Culture
We’re determined to take our innovative technologies, expertise, and knowledge base and apply it to the preservation of any plant species. Our designated tissue culture starter plantlets facility utilizes proprietary propagation technology to address the issues that growers face today, like contamination and genetic drift.

Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc. is a Nevada-based company that specializes in the advanced science of tissue culture. With its offering of premium growth services, the global demographic can see a major enhancement in the preservation and quality of plants.

Pharmagreen is the Key to Growing High-Quality Plantlets
Most conventional cloning techniques today can produce genetic drift along with disease and bug infestation, resulting in lower product quality and consistency. With a third-generation expert grower on our team, Pharmagreen can deliver the consistently high-grade flowers that businesses around the globe are looking for.

This video was sponsored by North Equities on behalf of Pharmagreen Biotech (PHBI). I have been compensated for this video and am not a financial adviser. I do not have, or plan to enter a position in this company for the next 72 hours.


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