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E T H O S – Planet of the Grapes – Day 40 of Flower – Pheno Hunt


Day 40 of Flower on ETHOS strain Planet of the grapes.

Running in Coco/perlite from Mother Earth
3 Gallon fabric pots (undersized for the veg time I put in)

Veg time of 6.5-7 weeks

General Hydroponics nutrients, flora trio with
GH – Armor Si (Silica)
GH – Liquid Kool Bloom (PK booster)

Using Botanicare –
Cal Mag Plus & Pure Blend Tea

Flower EC has been approx 1.2-1.8 in the top yet the dry back is causing salt build ups and getting run off around 2.5-4.0 EC within 4-5 days of flushing.

Pheno 1 is the combination of all the good variables in one – plant structure size, flower size, stacking of flowers on branch, terps..

Pheno 2 is catching up and has very resinous sugar leaves and buds. Same bud structure as 1&4

Pheno 3 is the odd man out – knotty buds, reminds me of a lot of cookies strains/crosses. Not stacking well (a lot of internodal space)

Pheno 4 is very similar to 1 now. More space between nodes and slightly smaller flowers.

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