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Martins World episode 36 with Irish Cannabis grower Green Tea


Green Tea is a full time carer for her husband who suffers with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Her partner’s condition has seriously deteriorated in the last few years due to his MS which has led to him being paralyzed on the left side of his body. On top of this he has extremely limited motor skills on his right side and no sense of touch in his right hand. Green Tea cares for her husband around the clock starting at 6am in the morning. She has done this for over 3 years now and without a day off. She is unable to take a day off as she is also a provider of her husband’s medicine in that she grows cannabis for him. This means that Green Tea is unable to avail of support like home help as she is fearful the cannabis plants would be discovered leading to gardai interfering in their lives. Green Tea started growing cannabis not long after the pandemic started. She does this as they could not afford to keep buying substandard and overpriced cannabis on the black-market. Also because they could not afford the €500/month price tag on the legally available Sativex (Oral cannabis spray solution).
Green Tea is just 1 example of many people out there right now illegally sourcing or growing cannabis to treat symptoms of serious life threatening conditions. The reason green tea is not using her real name or image is due to fear of being targeted by the authorities for doing the right thing and providing an effective remedy for her partner’s life limiting condition. I hope more people find the courage to speak out and highlight the suffering caused by the prohibition of Cannabis.

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