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Medical Grow During COVID 19 – "Growin' Marijuana in my Yard!" Harvesting a Plant 2021 Indica Sativa


Its that time of the year, and many have been locked down from Covid 19 or whatever its called now and doing some fabulous gardening! Zeus and myself have also been working on some medical cannabis this year, and have some great INDICA and SATIVA strains growing and doing super!
The storms of rain and wind we have been getting has taken a toll on a couple of the plants, some I didnt think would make it through the season to end of harvest but they survived and did well. This goes to show everyone that Mother Nature is super powerful and we should respect her in everyway!

Zeus the Red Doberman is almost 12 years old, November 17th 2021 he will enter his 12th year of his beautiful life with me. Today he helped me harvest and played with the bunny rabbits in the garden while I was cutting down the cannabis plant! Awesome times, super fun and great harvest this year!

We take alot of the cannabis medicine and extract it to its purest form extracting the CBD and THC as well as the terpenes and other cannabinoids we separate and dose manually. Zeus the Red Doberman uses this medicine for his arthritis and hip problems that are associated with doberman pinchers….. he wouldnt make it through a day without it bearing a good quality of life. The cannabis oil that Zeus takes is NOT pyscho active whatsoever, just full of goodness that lets him get up and down easy, helps with his inflamation, appetite and gets him a FULL nights sleep. There is NO better medicine out there for your canine if you are experiencing any of the problems associated with hip problems, arthritis and other problems or diseases including dog cancer and more. DO YOUR RESEARCH, I would never give my dog NSAIDS and destroy his organs, but sometimes thats what vertrinarians push on their patients, as they were taught.

Zeus the red doberman is from BRANTFORD ONTARIO, Brant County and visits dogparks all over, but his favorite dog park is in ANCASTER ONTARIO and is called ANCASTER DOG PARK to many or NATHAN CIRILLO DOG PARK, which is located in Hamilton Ontario. Its 25 acres of pure dog love that YOU MUST take your mutt and visit… your canine will LOVE you for it, fully fenced, water to play in clean and tested and great dog owners and canines of all types all day long… a day of love and fun for the dog and their master!

Thanks for visiting and checking out the crop cutting of one of Zeus’s medical cannabis plants from his garden grow this year during covid pandemic, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING??? Leave a comment below!


Share the love.. and enjoy your spooky halloween coming up!

Thanks for watching..

Zeus & Henry..

(Zeus the Red Doberman is a funny doberman and a fun doberman pinscher, he is almost 12 years old (!) and his hometown dog park is in BRANTFORD ONTARIO and is called DOGFORD DOG PARK, great times, great place to visit!)


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