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PEMF for Addiction, Sleep, Anxiety and Depression – Wellness Wednesday 09.29.2021


PEMF for Addiction, Sleep, Anxiety and Depression – Wellness Wednesday 09.29.2021

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The superhuman properties of using a PEMF device were once a secret only elite athletes used, professional stars….
Units costing over $20,000…
Science & information not readily available…

But we have revolutionized all of that!

PEMF stands for Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field.

In our research we have shown our PEMF to CURE addiction!
We have seen major improvements in in anxiety & depression.
Many people have reported “the best night of sleep I have ever had – the dreams were so deep and vivid!”

So today we will be showcasing & discussing some of our incredible success stories with the PEMF device & explaining the science behind PEMF!

Right now we still have $200 off the Shealy-Sorin PEMF, what we consider to be the BEST PEMF device available, and what we have PROVEN & Patented to be the only PEMF device to put the brain into the GAMMA wave state, the state of intense focus & concentration!

We only have 30 units left in stock until November!
Code: PEMFfall21

Learn about the PEMF Device here: https://realholisticdoc.com/pemf

50th Anniversary of Holistic Health Giveaway Announcements:

2 winners from last week will be announced:
#1. Full access to every online course from Shealy-Sorin Wellness.

#2. Your pick of access to one online course from Shealy-Sorin Wellness.

New Giveaways Will Be Announced!
To join NEXT weeks giveaway (which the prizes will be announced today) download for free our “7 Steps to Stress Free Living” guide!

So, make sure to:

1. Join us today at 5:00 EST
2. Tune in NEXT Wellness Wednesday to see if you are a winner from today!

Our discussion for the day will be about Holistic Healthy Living Tips to create holism in your own life!

Remember –
We practice what we preach!
These are the EXACT protocols we have used to heal in our OWN LIVES, our family & friends.

We look forward to seeing you this evening for Wellness Wednesday 😉

Need further help with your health than the Wellness Wednesday Show?

We are here for you!

At Shealy-Sorin Wellness we offer affordable Telehealth visits!

To book a visit – call our clinic direct: (417) 351-5221


CALL IN with YOUR HEALTH QUESTIONS in the second half of the show:


Dr. Norman Shealy & Dr. Sergey Sorin answer your health and wellness questions live on the show!

Bring your questions and Enjoy the show! 😊

With Love, Blessings, & Gratitude,
Dr. Norman Shealy & Dr. Sergey Sorin


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