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Living and Negotiating the Transition into the Golden Age of Light and Sound


Our Etsy Store:
Go here for most orgone and spray purchases. If what you need and/or want is not on the Etsy store, email us at, thelifting2017@gmail.com to see if we have it in stock.

Our Website URL:

How to contact Christopher Stephen Jacobs, Joanna Michaels:

All appointments for Christopher Stephen Jacobs must go through this email: thelifting2017@gmail.com.

If anyone wishes to purchase VII Wonders Full Spectrum Hemp Products from us, either just email us at, thelifting2017@gmail.com, contact us through Chris’ Facebook account, http://www.facebook.com/christopher.s.jacobs, or go to our website at thelifting.net and click the “VII Wonders” tab, or click the link below.

If what you need is not current in our possession, we can easily get it for you. Thank you!

Our Patreon Account:
Subscribe to our Patreon account to see alot of content that you cannot see here on Youtube! Such as “A Talk with the Elementals”, “A Talk with the Galactics”, “The Lifting’s Guide to Galactic History”, “Fractals of the Fractured and the Forgotten: Memories of the SSP and MILAB Programs”, “A Talk with Chris and Joanna”, and “The Galactic Interstellar Council Aftershow”. The Patreon archive is ALWAYS growing, so come subscribe for $10/mo to see all of what we can’t say on Youtube! Thank you!


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