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Everlasting Love: "ALS & Sexuality: Part 2"


Episode #12: “ALS & Sexuality: Part 2” w/ special guest Dr. Colleen O’Connell

The co-hosts are joined by special guest Dr. Colleen O’Connell in a continuation of their discussion about ALS and sexuality.

This 40 episode series features Dr. Marcalee Alexander along with Dr. Rafe Biggs, Deborah Davis, Hector DelValle, and Ligia Andrade Zuniga in an interactive program focusing on sexuality and spinal cord injury (SCI), multiple sclerosis (MS) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). While the focus of the series is primarily about these disabilities, the information presented is useful to persons with disability, their partners, health care professionals and the general public.

The purpose of the Sustain Our Abilities Channel is to provide an online resource for people living with disabilities to receive & share information about successful living, despite the impacts of climate change. Our values are inclusivity & accessibility. Thus, we want our programming to be available to everyone, around the world. We need your help to do this & are looking for volunteers in all areas & with various forms of expertise. To volunteer, receive further information or to provide a video to post about your experiences related to living with a disability, please email sustainourabilities@gmail.com.

The Sustain Our Abilities International YouTube Channel (SoA or SoA Channel) is intended to inform and educate people with disabilities, caregivers and professionals on matters including multidisciplinary health care plans. The producers, participants, writers and contributors to the SoA channel have intended to produce content and resources to assist individuals in sustaining and enhancing their skills and abilities.
The content of the SoA Channel (including, but not limited to, video, text, commentary, graphics, images, and other materials created or posted by SoA, its producers, participants, writers or its contributors – collectively, “Content”) is for informational and educational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional health or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider(s) with any questions you may have regarding a health or medical condition. Do not delay in seeking health or medical advice because of something you have viewed or read on the SoA channel.

Limitation of Liability
The producers, participants, writers, contributors or associated/affiliated members of the SoA channel do not assume the responsibility for and make no representation and/or warranty concerning the accuracy or completeness of the Content of the SoA Channel or any other sites to which it may be linked or affiliated. The Content provided is strictly for informational and educational purposes. By viewing or reading the Content referenced herein, you agree to hold SoA and its producers, participants, writers, contributors, affiliates and any and all of their officers, directors, employees and volunteers harmless from any and all claims of wrongdoing or other requests for relief or compensation.
Further information can be obtained at sustainourabilities.org

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