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Yoga for Heart diseases| 5th Aisan Yoga therapy conference talk and practical session|


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Heart diseases, heart attack are concerning and we have been hearing many deaths due to heart attack nowadays and pandemic has made it more worse.

I spoke about
– What are different heart diseases
– Symptoms(warning signs ) to look for
– Causes
– How Yoga therapy helps in pancha kosha way
– Lifestyle modification tips

Yoga is a preventive tool so if one follows healthy lifestyle from childhood then we stay away or prevent these conditions, but one has these conditions, Yoga therapy helps manage and mitigate conditions effectively

Cardiovascular diseases/Heart diseases are taking estimated 17.9 million lives globally every year which make it to the top.
CVD group of diseases related to heart and blood vessels includes coronary heart diseases, hypertension, high blood pressure, blocked blood vessels and stroke.
Raised blood pressure, glucose, lipids, obesity and overweight shows the risk of Individuals for CVD. Sometimes it does not get diagnosed until one has heart attack, angina, stroke or heart failure.

Follow these yoga techniques to follow healthy lifestyle.

Thank you Asian Yoga therapy conference committee and Vyasa Singapore for inviting me to present this topic

🎤 About Archana Amlapure :
Archana Amlapure, a health & wellness coach and a Yoga teacher ,Yoga therapist and also founder of Ojas Yoga and wellness.
She has set herself on a mission to spread the knowledge about best ways to practice a healthy, happy and joyful life. She believes that Yoga is the most comprehensive way to achieve a perfect balance between all aspects of health like physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Having worked in corporate life for 12+ years, she has an acute sense of problems the corporate lifestyle can lead people to and hence her approach to solving those is very practical and result oriented. She has helped many individuals across all age groups and genders to achieve the true sense of mindfulness and stability which as per her philosophy, is the ultimate way of leading a successful life.
She is passionate to contribute to the online community through her YouTube videos.

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