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Terry Booth's AUDACIOUS Cannabis Expansion Plans | Australis Capital (AUSA)


Australis Capital Inc (OTCMKTS:AUSAF, CNSX:AUSA) is now operating as AUDACIOUS Brands. Audacious stands for doing things differently and breaking with tradition. AUDACIOUS is breaking away from becoming a fintech company, as it was before Terry Booth was appointed CEO. Instead, Terry Booth now has large expansion goals using a unique multi-state operator cannabis model. 

00:00 – Australis Capital CEO Terry Booth
00:51 – What’s new with Australis?
01:39 – Australis developments
05:13 – Australis financial picture
06:24 – ALPS & Thomas Larssen

That differentiating model all stems from the acquisition of ALPS. ALPS is the brainchild of Thomas Larssen, by all accounts one of the master growers in global farming. ALPS also provides a de-risked and stable revenue stream by servicing diversified sectors such as fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and ornamentals. AUDACIOUS’s business plan differs from most MSOs as their primary operation is building facilities for other cannabis businesses. The perks of setting up greenhouses for other MSO’s is that AUDACIOUS inherits a percentage of the canopy space they have built and receives a little piggyback on the licensing (a huge time and capital saving in today’s regulatory environment).

Since the acquisition of ALPS, Terry Booth and Australis have made several different M&A and joint-venture transactions. Australis now has a supply partnership with Belle Fleur, founded by the team behind Rapper Weed and the discoverer of Machine Gun Kelly, acquired Californian Shot Beverage and Edibles Company: LOOS, and the retail acquisition of Herbs.

“We are presently operating in Nevada of course. Our home base. We’re in California now with these acquisitions. We will be in Massachusetts with that JV. Oklahoma and Missouri we’ve got some derivative contracts that are now signed. So, it’s moving fast. A lot of work to do. We don’t want to be buying any more talk tracks, I think I’ve learned my lesson. We want accretive deals, we want EBITDA positive at least and soon to be cashflow positive, and we’ve stuck to our guns there.” – Australis Capital CEO Terry Booth

Watch the full interview to learn about ALPS’s involvement with Australis grows, Audacious’ latest development and the company’s financial picture.

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