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Mexico’s New Medicinal Cannabis Law – What It Is and Isn’t | ICC with Lorena Beltran of CannabiSalud


Ep. 5 – Mexico’s New Medicinal Cannabis Law – What It Is and Isn’t

Lorena Beltran, CEO of CannabiSalud, has spent the majority of the last 5 years tirelessly working to expand the opportunities available to cannabis professionals in Mexico with the promise of federal legalization in the future. After several stops and starts, the new era has arrived.

In addition to growing the world renowned CannabiSalud medicinal cannabis conference, she has been inside the halls of the legislative process working to educate and inform legislators on the opportunities the plant provides both patients and professionals. Listen in to hear what the new law includes, what it doesn’t, and the likely path forward for the next 18 to 24 months. This episode was recorded on 1/15/2021.

CannabiSalud Website: https://cannabisalud.com/

Hosted by Chris Day and Jill Reddish of The Global Cannabis Network Collective (GCNC), The International Cannabis Conversation takes a look into what’s driving the global business landscape of cannabis. We discuss international cannabis challenges & solutions, and trials & lessons.

GCNC Website: https://alwaysdriveinnovation.com/

Music – “Plantains and Bananas” by Noah Peterson

To reach the show: podcasts@trichomes.com


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