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Defeating the Anti-Vax Zombies with Kurt Eichenwald [FULL PODCAST]


On today’s episode of The MeidasTouch Podcast, the brothers sit down with New York Times bestselling author and renowned journalist Kurt Eichenwald! Kurt provides an in-depth analysis of the anti-vax movement sweeping the nation. Eichenwald also details the misinformation age rooted in ridiculous conspiracy theories broadcast across the airwaves from Rupert Murdoch’s Fox “News.” The episode shifts gears as the brothers discuss the dramatic change in mask mandate perception from Fox “News’” viewers and Gov. Greg Abbott’s plunging poll numbers. We then hold our own accountable as we dive into the latest Manchin/Sinema drama. Lastly, the episode concludes with the brothers talking about the Mitch McConnell & Donald Trump’s ongoing feud and why the GQP continues to be the BIGGEST LOSERS in the world. If you enjoyed today’s episode please be sure to rate, review and subscribe! As always, thank YOU for listening!

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