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Holistic Caring Presents: Ask an Alumni!


Welcome to Holistic Caring, where we provide the very best in direct patient care for those looking to add CBD and other cannabinoids to improve health!

🌿 Visit us at https://holisticcaring.com/ to learn more!
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Ready to begin your medical cannabis journey? Complete the FREE Intro to Cannabis Health Program! https://holisticcaring.com/product/introduction-to-cannabis-health-program/

Want to become a Cannabis Wellness Coach, but not sure where to begin? Ask a Holistic Caring Alumni!

About this event
Watch as our alumnae panel explain their journey into becoming Holistic Caring Cannabis Wellness Coaches and then ask your questions. All are welcome! Special program discount for attending.

Visit https://holisticcaring.com/professional-programs/ to preview our list of coaching options for both licensed and non-licensed health care professionals.

CEUs available to RNs. Optional Green Nurse employment.


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