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Exploring Medical Cannabis Careers – Careers in Cannabis with Elisabeth Mack of Holistic Caring


Ep. 31 – Exploring Medical Cannabis Careers

In this episode Ashley Manning talked to Elisabeth Mack, founder of Holistic Caring, whose mission is bridging the gap between traditional and cannabis medicine. Elisabeth has worked in healthcare as a registered nurse for 33 years, and right before her career in cannabis, she was working for the health care insurance provider Anthem Blue Cross.

Fast forward to today, and she’s built training programs to grow healthcare workers competency and cannabis coaches with all they need to be successful in patient consults through her workshops. Elisabeth also talks about how she ended up with a career in cannabis, and the skillset she carried over from healthcare to the medical cannabis industry.

Holistic Caring Website: https://holisticcaring.com/

On Careers in Cannabis, TRICHOMES.com talks with staffing agencies and cannabis companies to explore employment and career opportunities in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

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