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Harvest Time For Tangerine Dream Autoflower. This strain makes you feel much happier.


Grow the fast and the furious classic favorite Tangerine Dream on autoflower mode. This popular social weed strain makes you feel much happier as the euphoria makes the stress disappear into the haze. It brings about confidence and gets rid of depression. Planting Tangerine Dream Auto Flowering has great medicinal properties that’ll heal you while making you enjoy the mind and body buzz. Planting this weed is a nice and easy growing experience that will give you an impressive crop of buds. Make a pipe dream come true when you cultivate your own Tangerine Dream Auto Flowering from quality feminized Beaver Seeds.


This pot has a balance of indica and sativa with the addition of ruderalis making it an excellent weed strain to chose for those who want a medical marijuana strain that tastes great. It has the distinctive taste of tangerine citrus fruits. It is notably a social weed strain for that more confident edge. Growing Tangerine Dream Auto Flowering from Beaver Seeds will provide a great gardening experience. It is easy to grow as it does have only feminized seeds. This marijuana plant is autoflowering which means that there will be no need for light cycles to be changed for it to flower. The harvest shall be a superbly large crop of excellent medical marijuana buds that have the fabulous effects from a wonderful, long-lasting high.

Origin Of Tangerine Dream Auto Flowering

Tangerine Dream Auto Flowering was developed from Tangerine Dream which is an award-winning weed strain of Barney’s Farm that is located in Amsterdam. Barney’s Farm started breeding on top of a mountain in the Himalayas, using marijuana plants that were gathered from various areas in Asia and the Middle East. Tangerine Dream weed strain is a result of crossing G13 x Afghan x Neville’s A5 Haze. G13 weed strain is said to have been created by the US government agencies such as the FBI and the CIA from which a clone was spirited away. Afghan weed strain is from the mountainous region at the Afghani-Pakistan border. Neville’s A5 Haze is from The Green House Seeds, a breeder and seed bank company located in the Netherlands. To create Tangerine Dream Auto Flowering, the Tangerine Dream weed strain was crossed with Autoflower #1, a ruderalis type of cannabis plant which hails from Russia and other parts of Europe.

Effects Of Tangerine Dream Auto Flowering

Taking this weed gives provides a balanced effect of the two types of marijuana which are indica and sativa. It has an additional boost factor from the CBD level that makes it highly desirable for that chill relax mode while gaining the benefits of medical marijuana. This weed is has a cerebral high with a euphoric haze. It makes a person feel happier and uplifted. It is a social weed strain that makes a person more outgoing and talkative. Taking this pot can trigger a laugh trip. This pot brings about a boost in energy levels. It can make a person feel hungry. Tangerine Dream may make a person feel so relaxed that they will feel sleepy.

Medical Uses Of Tangerine Dream Auto Flowering

This medical marijuana has moderate THC levels that can be handled by even novice users. It has a medium CBD level that provides an energy boost and other health benefits to the one who uses it. Tangerine Dream Auto Flowering is a highly effective stress reliever. It works as a cure and treatment from PTSD and chronic stress. It is a highly effective anti-depressant and is used by those who have bipolarism and severe depression. It aids in getting rid of anxiety. It is a powerful analgesic and has excellent inflammatory properties. This medical marijuana provides soothing pain relief for those who suffer chronic pain, joint pain, other body aches, migraines, and headaches. It relaxes the muscles and can aid in getting rid of fatigue. It is an effective all-natural sleep aid. It also is an effective appetite stimulant.

Taste And Aroma Of Tangerine Dream Auto Flowering

The tangy sweet taste and flavor of tangerines are the highlight of this weed strain. There are other components in the flavor blend which enhance the citrusy toke. These flavors include that of tropical fruits, a mixture of berries, that of juicy sweet oranges, and sugar. The aroma blend of Tangerine Dream Auto Flowering includes that rich and pungent distinctive smell with the dankness of Afghani weed that can fill the air of a grow room with the strong odor. The scents of tangerines and other tangy citrus fruits are prevalent. There is also the scent of mixed berries. Tangerine Dream Auto Flowering also smells sweet.

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