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3-Minute Vegan Edibles / THCInfused Peanut Butter


Need some edibles in a pinch? These 3-minute Microwaveable Edibles are quick and easy using just two ingredients, nut butter and cannabis!


– 1 Cup of Nut Butter (I’m using Jason’s Almond Butter)
– 1 Cup of Cannabis (https://www.rutcbdco.com/rut-delta-8-flower.html)

1. Put your nut butter in a microwave safe bowl
2. I left this part out but microwave nut butter for 5 seconds to make it easier to stir in the cannabis
3. Remove bowl from microwave and stir your cannabis into your nut butter.
4. Microwave mixture for 45-seconds
5. Remove from microwave and then stir.
6. Repeat steps 4 & 5, twice more for a total heat time of 2-minutes
7. Spread nut butter on cracker or eat alone. (I highly recommend eating with food because the taste won’t be great)

There you have it! Again, this is great if you’re limited on time and need edibles ASAP. It’s better that you use decarbed cannabis however non-decarbed cannabis will work as well, as the heat from the microwave activates the cannabinoids.

Thank-you for watching!


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