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Why does "food" turn into "nutrition" at menopause? We are weakened by low hormones!


Nutrition is part of your HRT plan.
Nutrition is part of any menopause recovery plan.

Low hormones limit nutrient absorption.
(even with HRT, hormones are low)
— It’s that simple.
The game has changed in menopause.

We are starving without estradiol to open the gates to nutrients. We need more. Our immune systems are nutrient hogs! They break first when nutrients are low. We need to take out inflammatory foods that disrupt nutrients. We need to take out foods that act like hormones and disrupt our HRT. I describe the AIP immune strengthening diet and its superfoods! We can diminish food reactions, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, bloating, stool issues, skin issues, fatigue, pain, and others. This diet with HRT brings us vitality!

Many diseases tie back to specific nutrient problems. One million people are trying this diet. Many are menopausal! Try this out as an experiment and see what this does for you! Come for coaching to learn more and set up your personal plan.


Nutrients help us use our HRT. Nutrients help us excrete any excess HRT. Nutrients are critical for creating energy and building our organs. Nutrients help our brain function normally. Nutrients and hormones keep our immune systems strong: preventing cancer and autoimmunity. Many types of brain diseases track back to loss of specific nutrients.

email me: jumpstartaip@gmail.com

Free: Your Initial HRT Appointment Guide: Best & Worst HRT
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Come for coaching and education

I offer education and coaching to help women recover 100% from health failure at menopause. Learn more about hormone health and how to work with your doctor. It’s important to educate before you spend on “other non-hormonal products” that you may not need once you have HRT! Save money, save health. Nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management, toxin and pharma reduction. Identical HRT is not like other pharma.

Course 1: Create a Menopause Recovery:HRT+
Course 2: Infection & Menopause
Private Group Menopause Coaching
Individual Coaching

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Email me: Jumpstartaip@gmail.com
Free: Your Initial HRT Appointment Guide
Free: The 159 Symptoms of Menopause
Free: Kitty’s Credentials
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Free: Alzheimer’s and Menopause

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