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Policy Council Conversations | 7.20.21 | The Medicine and Research of Cannabis


In this edition of our Policy Council Conversations series originally aired on Tuesday, July 20, 2021 we were joined by the six primary authors of NCIA’s recently released whitepaper on the Medicine of Cannabis for an overview designed to help inform and guide policymakers and medical professionals on the science, history, and uses of medical cannabis.

The Medicine of Cannabis: An Overview for Medical Professionals and Policymakers – https://bit.ly/3Bn1UBy

This publication was developed by scientists and doctors working with NCIA’s Policy Council and Scientific Advisory Committee, and promotes policies that facilitate further research and fair, legal access. On this webinar you’ll hear from the writing team itself, including physicians, veterinarians, and a PhD researcher as they discuss their paper and summarize what your doctor and policy maker needs to know.

Learning Objectives:
• Overview the history of medical cannabis and its prohibition in the United States
• Brief intro to the Endocannabinoid System
• Explore the cannabis plant
• Learn about different conditions cannabis can treat and the research that backs it up
• Discuss policy implications for cannabis including the need to deschedule


• Dr. Stephen Dahmer MD, Chief Medical Officer, Vireo Health

• Dr. Paloma Lehfeldt MD, Director of Medical Education, Vireo Health

• Dr. Paul Muchowski PhD, Founder/CEO/CSO, Defined Research

• Dr. Lynn Parodneck MD, Medical Practitioner

• Dr. Tim Shu DVM, CEO, VETCBD

• Dr. Casara Andre DVM, Founder, Veterinary Cannabis Education & Consulting


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