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Narcissism vs Narcissistic Personality Disorder: How to Spot the Differences


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Narcissism vs. narcissistic personality disorder: these are the differences you need to know.

Psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula describes narcissism as the secondhand smoke of mental health. But why – and what makes narcissism or “being narcissistic” different than full blown narcissistic personality disorder?

Dr. Ramani is the go-to expert in both narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). In this discussion, Dr. Ramani and MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson discuss the following:

What are the major differences between narcissism or “being narcissistic”, and narcissistic personality disorder?
What are the telltale signs that someone has NPD vs traits of narcissism?
How does someone with NPD act in relationships compared to someone with narcissistic traits?
How does someone’s narcissistic personality disorder affect their own mental health compared to that of a narcissist?
When does “normal” self confidence cross the line into grandiosity?
What are the other mental health disorders that co-occur with narcissistic personality disorder?
What are some examples of narcissism vs narcissistic personality disorder?
What is a grandiose narcissist?
What is a malignant narcissist?
What is a covert narcissist?
What is a communal narcissist?
What is a benign narcissist?

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