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Wedding Cake Strain Marijuana Grow Info & Guide 2021


Down to my Final flushing 1 full week with just plain 5.7- 5.8 ph H2o .From clones Used general hydroponics Recipe . During veg originally started @ 5..5 600 ppm gradually up to 5.7 800-900 and went from 5.7-5.8 @ 1000 ppm up to 1150-1250 ppm during indoor bloom . I used sweet raw instead of their sweeteners (Those ppm are more than their recipe recommended). Maintenance sprayed every 3rd day with “Green cleaner”. Didn’t flush until last week . Humidity during veg 50%+ and temp 77 f . During bloom humidity about the same maybe 50% then gradually decreased the temp to 70 f daytime and my room (with no heat ) got down to 59 -60 f at night. Making my wedding cake a purply/green red pistil gooey frosty tree. I’m at 10 weeks bloom now and trichs still clear give it 2 more days . Oh yes some flowers have (accidentally lol) fallen off and it is cherry earthy and slight skunky and mellows me out after couple tokes but not couch locked fully . Just the best, I made this my strain of choice!

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