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The Cannabis Referendum – Ross Bell, Executive Director, New Zealand Drug Foundation


Drawing international and local experiences of public health regulation, Ross will talk about the possible social, health and economic impacts that cannabis legalisation might have on New Zealand. He’ll outline what the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill actually says, and answer your burning questions about the proposed law. Spoiler alert: Ross will outline why he is voting “yes” in this year’s cannabis referendum.

Ross has been leading the work of the Drug Foundation since 2004. Since he joined the organisation it has grown in size, ambition and impact. He is committed to taking practical steps to bring harm reduction focussed services to NZ communities, as well as providing credible and fearless advice to politicians, government officials, public health allies and a whole host of others.
Before taking up the position, Ross worked as a university researcher, a foreign affairs adviser, a pizza delivery driver and a social justice advocate. He studied geography and Māori studies for a Bachelor of Arts before going on to complete a MA in Development Studies, both from Auckland University.


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