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Why Now is the Time to Buy U.S. Cannabis Stocks


FULL ARTICLE: https://midasletter.com/2020/09/why-now-is-the-time-to-buy-u-s-cannabis-stocks/

If you think 2020 has been volatile in the stock market, you haven’t been invested in cannabis for an extended period of time…

Before 2019, cannabis stocks everywhere gave investors 3 years of gains… But that all changed when the cannabis bubble burst around April 2019…

There are a variety of reasons why cannabis companies colossal valuations were massively deflated…

There is no money in solely growing cannabis (anyone can do it…)
Canadian black-market still dominates
Supply issues and slow physical dispensary rollout
Share dilution

But, we are seeing a massive resurgence in U.S. multi-state operator stocks… Some stocks (such as GrowGeneration Corp NASDAQ:GRWG) were up around 500% since the COVID lows.

There are a variety of reasons why this is true and why it will continue to be true for certain companies who have the strategic advantage over others.

Watch the full interview to see how legality will affect the cannabis market with elections coming up and what U.S. marijuana stocks are poised to explode higher…

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