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Does CBD Help With Joint Pain? – Interview With Dr Farheen Rheumatologist


In this interview, Dr. Farheen and I go in-depth about the main questions many physicians have when recommending CBD and understanding which CBD brands to recommend. As physicians, we have patients asking on a consistent basis if CBD can help them or benefit them in any way whether it may be joint pain or any other reason. If this sounds like something you may be wondering yourself watch this interview to learn more about CBD and what were doing to help the healthcare industry understand more about cannabinoids.

0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Dr. Farheen Introduction
1:45 – Most common conditions you face
2:16 – Typical patient questions
3:53 – What got you looking into CBD?
5:10 – What about internal consumption had you worried?
6:29 – Contaminants in CBD
9:08 – CBD Research you’ve come across?
17:00 – Fibromyalgia
18:29 – Results your patients have reported?
19:38 – CBD Side Effects
24:16 – What makes Doc Patels Different?
31:21 – How to get in touch with Dr Farheen

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