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Natural herbs to suppress Cancer, pain relief, anxiety Wasabi, Turmeric, CBD


Natural Medicines – Wasabi awarded IG Nobel Prize (spoof) make you laugh then think at Harvard, Turmeric- natural anti-inflammatory, CBD- anxiety receptors, Astragulus to detox the liver

Dr. Nick Delgado interviews Dr. Jeffrey Bland. They discuss different natural medicines that can prevent and cure diseases, from muscular dystrophy to cancer. Natural medicine has been the only medicine for thousands of years and is the answer to the questions that so many people are asking.

0:06 A IG Nobel prize Harvard awarded Wasabi root to sniff and come out of coma.
0:44 Phytochemicals in peppers as well
1:01 Nature’s greatest pharmacological toolkit
1:07 Natural Selection, our long-term study in health
1:34 Turmeric and it’s health benefits.
2:00 Astragalus is also great for us.
2:18 Humanity has known the treatments, but perhaps not the science behind it.
3:00 Chromosome chaos and the struggles it gives our body
3:30 Phytochemicals
3:51 CBD, the cannabinoids
4:15 Anxiety and emotional conflict can be calmed by appropriate CBD
4:35 Trace minerals are forgotten too often
5:22 Muscular dystrophy

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Dr. Nick Delgado
Health and Anti-Aging Coach


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