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CBD Infused Food & Drinks- The Lifestyle Cafes You Must Visit in London | The Extract


CBD oil-infused Food & Drinks- Lifestyle Cafes You Must Visit in London | The Extract | Cannabis- News and Lifestyle

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London is so hot right now as a CBD destination – join us as we try some cannabidiol-infused delights across cosmopolitan Notting Hill and uber cool and diverse Hackney.

You will be amazed to see these CBD products!

We try the ‘OMG syringe shot’ (wildcrafted CBD, flaxseed oil and grapefruit) at Farmacy, the first venue in London to add CBD to its menu back in early 2016. It was OMG amazing and set us up for the day, powering the brain into overdrive, boosting my immunity and rejuvenating – that’s the blurb and I’ll take that and some! We earmarked some other potentials like ‘Grass me up’ a smoothie with organic CBD powder, coconut water, pineapple juice, lime juice, house hemp, bay leaf syrup, acai protein powder, hemp seeds and frozen banana – yum! Served in a beautiful setting, everything on the menu is plant-based and the restaurant champions biodynamic sustainability.

Next on our pitstop in Westbourne Grove was Yogland. Selling frozen yogurt with a twist. We tried the CBD ice-cream with hemp and matcha topped with strawberries – earthy but delicious. It’s called the ‘Hemp Matcha Fro’ – low in calories too – perfect on a hot summer’s day or a treat after a gruelling workout.

Portobello Road has got even more interesting with the addition of Farm Girl cafe. The eclectic space offers a bright spot for a catch-up with friends for breakfast or a hot chocolate like you’ve never had before – a happy hot chocolate containing hazelnut (or almond) milk, peppermint, matcha, chocolate powder and CBD oil – delicious, indulgent, destined to make you happy!

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