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A New Study Illustrates The Effects of Cannabis Use On Driving


This week, a new study illustrates the effects of cannabis use on driving. And, no, we’re not talking about driving under the influence of THC, which previous research has suggested has little impact on one’s capability. The new research, conducted by Associate Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Staci Gruber, from Harvard, examines how long-term, heavy cannabis use can impair cognition, especially if consumed during adolescence. Gruber found that drivers who had a history of chronic cannabis consumption, meaning 4 to 5 times a week, demonstrated impaired driving compared to non-cannabis users, and that worse impairment occurred in those who started partaking heavily before age 16. Gruber explained that mind-altering substances, like alcohol and marijuana, as well as illness or injury can disrupt brain development, leading to a range of cognitive and psychiatric problems later on in life. Authors of the study made sure to point out that the data doesn’t suggest that all cannabis users are bad drivers, and that more research is needed on the subject.

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