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Janosch Kratz – “Cannabinoids in chronic pain – How to break a vicious cycle” – PMC19 Lisbon


Janosch Kratz presents “Cannabinoids in Chronic Pain – How to break a vicious cycle”
The use of cannabis in pain is probably the oldest existing condition for the use of Cannabinoids in medicine. As a result of this subject appearing more often in publications; patient statements; newspaper articles etc. people commonly think that Cannabinoids are just another medical Drug to add to the analgesic chart together with other well-known drugs like NSAID’s or Opioids. Working in daily practice with Cannabinoids we learn that there are more medical benefits besides the simple reduction of pain intensity. This presentation explains the multiple ways patients can benefit from cannabis in chronic pain conditions and lightens up limitations of many studies regarding this subject.

Physician and coordinator of Research and Development at Kalapa Clinic — Barcelona
Born in Germany and graduated in Medicine at Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona, Janosch Kratz became a member of the Kalapa Clinic medical team in May 2016. With a good international trajectory, his career is complemented by the professional experience acquired in different hospitals in Germany, Portugal, Brazil and Spain.
Today, Janosch is living between Germany and Spain doing his specialist training in Berlin and offering advice on Cannabinoid therapies for Kalapa Clinic.
He is responsible for the development of the Kalapa project, coordinates the training of health care professionals and the research of new indications for medical cannabis use. He also offers consulting for the European market regarding innovative administration routes, quality control and product improvement.”


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