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"First Timers" in the PA Medical Cannabis Program!


Hey everyone! Kushy Kitten here with my amazing friend Colleebudz!

This is our first video in a series of patient education videos! I’ll provide some links here for you all!


PA MMJ Portal link:


PA list of certified doctors:


PA “rules list”:

In reference to a “30 days supply”, there is no true definition for a 30 day supply, so in most cases, you are free to purchase what you need (I think there’s some limit but I don’t know what it is or if that’s just a rumor or not and don’t want to spread lies unintentionally)


We will be doing some more videos together in the future, so go check her out on IG @Colleebudz and be alerted for new videos by hitting the notification bell! Thanks so much for your support and love everyone! Have an amazing day, night or whatever it is, and stay medicated!


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