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CannaWk News Ep. 2- Florida 2020 Ballot, Maine Cannabis sales, Chicago Recreational Marijuana


Thank you, viewers, for watching CannaWk News brings you the news in Cannabis Industry. I am your host, Arnel Newton.
In today’s episode the stories I will be covering are:
Recreational Marijuana on Florida 2020 Ballot
Maine Cannabis sales start spring 2020
Chicago City Council Committee Delay Recreational Marijuana

Recreational Marijuana in Florida 2020 Ballot
Effort are being made to make legalized recreational marijuana a key issue next year in Florida. Handful of organization are working to get this issue on November 2020 ballot to have Fla. voters say in the matter. Michael Minardi, Chairman of Regulate Florida, which is one of the groups working to get legalize marijuana on next year ballot said his group has already collected close to 90,000 signatures and said its ballot initiative was approved for review by the state Supreme Court. In the Meantime, Florida state lawmakers know legalization is an issue they are going to have to confront sooner or later. Which is why, Senator Jeff Brandes says the legislature needs to step up and face current public opinion. Sen. Brandes feels strongly that legalization effort would be better handle by the legislature, compare to constitutional amendment because lawmakers can make tweaks and changes to the law as needed.


Maine Cannabis sales start spring 2020
Officials in Maine are projecting that cannabis will be on sale in stores by March 2020. Voters approved legal adult-use marijuana at the polls since November 2016. The state need time to process the applications, and retailers also need local approvals, but the state is projecting revenue from marijuana sales by March 15, 2020. Maine’s rollout of legal marijuana has been overwhelmed with hiccups, such as hiring a key consultant and former Gov. Paul LePage’s opposition to legalization.


Chicago City Council Committee Delay Recreational Marijuana
Jan 1 rec marijuana is expected to go on sale, but The Chicago City Council’s Committee on Contracting Equity and Oversight has passed a bill that would delay the legal sale of marijuana in the city until July 1 due to a lack of black and Latino-owned dispensaries. The Chicago Aldermanic Black Caucus voiced its support of the delay. “We are going to continue to work together and push for equity. In addition, we are looking forward to having ongoing discussions with the state and city. We thank our communities for providing their support and being partners with us throughout these conversations.” When Illinois bill legalizing cannabis, it included several provisions, so minority-owned businesses have access to the industry. It also allows expungement drug-based criminal records and established funds for restoration grants. However, officials and activists remain concerned about minority access to the industry. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has proposed a city-owned cannabis growing cooperative, she says would give minorities a bigger stake in the expected multi-million-dollar cannabis business. Cannabis advocates, as well as some owners pursuing state licensing, are pushing back against the proposed delay. Mayor Lightfoot could potentially delay the vote using procedural maneuvers or could veto the bill if the full City Council passes it during their session.



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